Our Testimonials:

Let me first say thank you so much for your help with the purchase of our home.  With all of our medical bills, there is no way we could have caught up with our mortgage.

For anyone looking to sell a home, Rob far and away exceeded our expectations.  He walked us through the entire process and worked with our mortgage company to accept a lower amount and sold the home a month later.

After purchasing our home, he rented us a newly remodeled home while our credit was repaired.  After only a year, we were able to purchase the home.

Thank you so much for all of your help.

Marie, Buford


Thanks Rob!

I had a home that I was trying to sell quickly due to financial reasons.  Renters had completely damaged the house and I did not want to invest my own money to repair it and then wait months and months hoping it would sell, while spending my savings paying two mortgages along the way.  Rob made the entire process of selling the house extremely quick and easy.  If you have a home you need to sell quickly, I would highly recommend 4th Avenue Properties.

Scott, Dacula


Thank you so much for making this an easy process.  We had the home rented to a family that had not paid for the past month and were not going to be able to pay for the upcoming month.  I recieved a letter from Rob stating he was interested in buying my home.  We met on a Sunday afternoon and we put the home under contract an hour later.  Rob purchased the home two weeks later without me having to do any repairs and made up my back payments.  I never even put a sign in the yard.

Chris, Buford


Great job on the sale of our home.  I don’t know why it took so long.

We had it listed with two different agents for 6 months a piece.  Rob came in gave us money for our equity, made payments on the home for 5 months, and sold it.

I’ll definitely call in the future.

Jason, Alpharetta


I didn’t know a bank would take less for a home.  We tried selling it for 8 months.  We used a realtor and even tried ourselves. 

I spoke to Rob over the phone for 5 minutes and met with him two days later.  He explained the “Short Sale” process and 7 weeks later we were completely finished with the property.

Without his help, we would have faced foreclosure.

Thank you again for helping us out from under the house.

Jessica and Family, Buford


I can’t begin to thank you enough for your patience.  Every time we found a home to purchase, it would fall through because of the home we had to sell.

Rob put the house under contract and closed after we found the house we were looking for.  Why doesn’t everyone sell like this?

Shelly, Lawrenceville