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Buford Property Management

Welcome to the City of Buford.  All things related to Buford Property Management. As a property management company in Buford, we have had the luxury of serving the community for more than 14 years. While all small towns have their own charm, Buford has proven to be a little different.

Whether you are interested in renting or selling your home, hiring a professional property management company  is a necessity in today’s real estate market. Since we specialize in Buford Real Estate, we can stay on top of local trends, effective marketing strategies, past and present home inventories, and laws that cover Buford Property Management.

We provide three distinct Property Management Services in Buford:

Lease Only

Manage Only

Full Service Leasing and Management

Our “Lease Only” Service Includes:

  • Initial walk thru of home
  • Professional quality photos and video
  • Market the home on over 80 different websites and various local marketing strategies
  • Receive calls from prospective tenants
  • Show the home
  • Receive applications and perform a complete, detailed background check
  • Prepare the most current up to date Lease and supporting documents
  • Perform the Move In Inspection as required by law
  • Collect agreed upon security deposit and 1st month’s rent
  • Forward leasing documents and funds to you

Manage Only:

Manage only means that a tenant is already in place and you would like for our company to handle the collecting of the rent, handling incoming calls, coordinating repairs, periodic home inspections, and any other tasks associated with the current lease and tenant. Our fee will be based on the amount of rental income we collect for you.

Full Service Leasing and Management:

Why Hire 4th Avenue Property Management? 

  • Save time by eliminating trips to the property
  • Save money by avoiding costly repairs
  • Protect your investment through property preservation through periodic home inspections
  • Reduce liability from mistakenly breaking Landlord Tenant Laws
  • Maximize Rental Revenues
  • Online access to everything concerning your home with our Owner Online Portal
  • Owner Direct Deposits for reliable on time payments
Licensed and Insured
  • We are licensed with the Georgia Real Estate Commission and serve as Brokers and Agents
  • We carry required and necessary insurance to reduce your liability and protect your property
  • We have been managing Residential and Multi-Family properties in Gwinnett and surrounding counties for more than 14 years.
  • We specialize in Buford, Braselton, Duluth, Suwanee, Dacula, Sugar Hill, Hoschton, and Lawrenceville, ensuring you receive professional management services at the lowest price possible.
  • We have the best systems in the business learned from our own mistakes and developed over time.  Our systems were not learned in a class or out of a book. We are not learning on your dime!

Property Presentation

  • We market your property in variety of mediums at no additional cost to you.  We are currently syndicated on over 80 websites and receive more than 100 unique guests per day to our site.
  • Our established presence in the community and our VIP List provides word-of-mouth referrals better than any local advertising system.
  • We know our market better than anyone and ensure top dollar for your property.  By specializing in specific areas of Gwinnett County, we can stay on top of trends and the market.
  • We use video and pictures to attract as much qualified traffic as possible.
  • We have created alliances with local schools and corporations to ensure qualified applicants can find your home.

Tenant Screening

  • We only lease to pre-qualified, responsible residents.
  • We do a thorough reference check before the lease is signed, including employment verification, rent history, criminal background checks, and references.
  • We take the time with each new resident to explain the benefits and responsibilities of leasing a home from us to ensure your property is cared for and maintained.
  • We collect fair and appropriate security and pet deposits.

Property Protection

  • Our comprehensive screening procedures and targeting marketing help us find desirable residents.
  • Our key-control procedures protect you and the resident against unauthorized entry .
  • By performing regular inspections and managing specific home services, we solve most problems before they become crisis.

Accounting Services

  • We use a professional, online book keeping system that provides accurate tracking.  Our reports are available to owners online to view incomes and expenses, work orders, bills, or any other transaction relating to your property.
  • We provide complete, accurate annual statements for simplified tax preparation for you or your CPA.  Our property management services may be tax deductible as business expense.


  • We maintain a list of qualified, reasonably priced vendors and contractors to care for your property.
  • We know what repairs should cost and how long they should take to complete, saving you time and money.
  • Our relationship with local vendors gives us the leverage to correct poor performance.
  • We help avoid costly repairs by providing regular inspections.
  • We protect the value of your investment by maintaining your property in top condition.

By hiring 4th Avenue Property Management, you get all of the above with 14 years of Property Management experience all for the price of a cup of coffee and a biscuit a day.


From the continuing influx of new businesses to the attraction of the Buford City School system, this page will give you more than a 6 reasons to make Buford your next home.

The Mall of Georgia has proven to be a great attraction for potential homeowners and potential residents. The ever expanding mall has been a proven economic force to increased rental rates and home prices.  The easy access and proximity to I-985 and I-85, has kept the Mall of Georgia from becoming a vacant lot during the downturn. We have homes that rent for more than $100 more just for being 5 minutes closer to the mall. Higher end subdivisions are still popping up around the mall and continue to hold values for existing homeowners.

A well-known attraction to our city is the Buford City School system. The school system ranks near the top in the state of Georgia.  Smaller class sizes and a more hands on approach from teachers and Administration makes Buford City Schools a contender for any family with kids from K-12. While the scores and class sizes are a major attraction, let’s not fail to mention the sports program. Every sport that Buford supports is a major force in the state. Being the owners of State Titles in Football, Baseball, and Basketball and nationally ranked, the lessor know sports are an extremely competitive in the county and state. For any family with active kids in sports, Buford has earned their place at the top. (See their amazing list of accomplishments: What does this mean to the real estate market? Homes sell for higher and rent for more when they are located inside the city limits of Buford. Want to rent a home in Buford? Be ready to sign the lease the day it comes on the market. More than likely, it will be off the market the next day.

Looking for fun and relaxation? Look no further than Lake Lanier. With 59 square miles of water and 692 miles of shoreline, this makes the lake a major destination for sailing enthusiast, fishing, boating, and recreation. With attractions like Lake Lanier Islands and golfing, the lake continues to drive home values and rental rates.

Like to hike or rappel? The mountains in North GA are a cup of coffee away. While the attractions are too many to mention, Buford continues to benefit from the close proximity.

While being close to major highways and interstates are not always considered to be attractions, they are a necessary component to home values. The rental rates and home values continue to remain constant. As a property Management Company in Buford, having a steady, fairly predictable range enables us to manage rental properties more effectively.  While I’m not fan of road work, traffic, and delays, without proper planning and growth home values and rental rates will drop.  Buford seems to be doing a good job of planning for the future.

The Buford GA Community Center is a state-of-the-art facility with the versatility to host any manner of events—from intimate weddings and seminars to large corporate meetings and live arts performances. With four distinct venues that include more than 5,700 square feet of banquet and meeting space, a 274 seat stage theater and an outdoor amphitheatre that can seat up to 1,800, the Buford Community Center provides a distinctly-southern setting to bring people together.

For upcoming events visit

While the Mall of Georgia may be the major destination for shopping, local Buford residents are very aware of the local, small business owners who make up the community.  Buford is a thriving hub for entrepreneurs. From small diners to consignment shops, boutiques, and to anything you can imagine these small business destinations make shopping in Buford an experience instead of a chore. Many of the rental homes we manage and sell are from local business owners who have outgrown their living space. As a property manager in Buford, knowing the market and reaching out to growing entrepreneurs who want to expand has proven to be a winning strategy.

While the real estate market continues to rebound and some say even thrive, there are plenty of opportunities for investors and homeowners. In downtown Buford, the opportunities for major rehabs are still there.  I have personally renovated over 50 homes in Buford and continue to look for opportunities. Are you looking for a home in a subdivision? No problem. There are still homes on the market that need updating that can increase equity after the purchase. As a Buford property manager, knowing rental rates and history of subdivisions has helped buyers and owners make long-term plans on real estate.

If you are considering renting or selling your home, give 4th Avenue Property Management an opportunity to earn your business. We have been marketing, managing, and selling homes in Buford for more than 14 years. We can get it done faster with less money and and stress.

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