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Are Owner Financing and Rent to Own Homes Making a Comeback?

Yes!  If you have a house for sale or rent in Gwinnett CountySell Your Home on Rent to Own or Owner Financing Gwinnett County, consider offering the home as Rent to Own or Owner Financed.  As a property management company in Buford GA, we fill 60% of our homes with Rent to Own tenant buyers, 30% as standard rentals, and 10% as Owner Financed homes.  As we get into the year, I expect the Owner Financing to gain momentum.

There are loan programs out there that will fit many buyer’s profile and the rates are still historically low.  However, with the continuing tight lending restrictions, closing cost, commissions, unstable neighborhoods, and the soft employment market, I can make an excellent case for buying on a Rent to Own or taking advantage of easy qualifying, and low down payment of Owner Financing.

We are seeing beautiful homes in fantastic neighborhoods being foreclosed for no other reason than the inability of the homeowner to make the payments.  A homeowner can take the home that has become a financial problem and offer it to a buyer or future buyer and relieve themselves of the payment.  Even real estate investors are beginning to see the advantages of moving and transitioning properties.

Owner Financing will work even if you have a mortgage on the home.  How?  The banks want their money.  They do not care whose money.  You didn’t hear them scream when they received tax payer money and they won’t scream when someone else makes the payment.

If you are interested in marketing your home as Rent to Own or Owner Financed, let us help.  We can market the home and structure the sale that will make it a true win for the owner and buyer.  If you are in the market to buy a home, let us help you find the right home with the right terms.

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